The path "Love for country and Love for Life" Mooyumjee, The Museum

After turning around the stone wall of Chonbuljon, you can see the Museum of Sungbo and the Shrine of Pyochung on the right side. The Museum of Sungbo exhibits many relics of Saint Seosan, such as his own calligraphic works, the portrait, robe, and bowls. The Shrine of Pyochung is the place for praising defense of the fatherland Saint Seosan, who fought against Japanese army organizing and leading monk forces in Imjinyeran. You cannot find such a shrine in the other temples. In the Shrine of Pyochung, there are the ancestral tablets and the pictures of the late Reverend Seosan, Samyung, Chuyoung.

There are hermitages in the end of the trail.


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