DaeHeung-sa, a Buddhist Temple, is located on the mountainside that is formed by the junction of two summits, Noseungbong and Karyunbong. When you enter Taeungbojon over the bridge, Simjinkyo, you spontaneously adjust yourself in a pious mind. The characters in tablets of Taeungbojon and Mooryangsugak were written by Wonkyo, Lee Kwangsa, who is a noted calligrapher in late Chosun, and Chusa, Kim Junghee respectively.
In there, the central figure is (Sakyamuni Buddha), which represented the affectionate Buddhist statue in Chosun, and the either side of him, there are Amitabha Buddha (western) and Buddha (eastern, Buddha of healing).
If you rarefy Your worldly desires, You would be Buddha.

Chonbuljon (Hall of one thousand Buddha), Yonghwagak, Bonghwangak

After crossing over the bridge, Simjinkyo, you encounter one thousand Buddhas in Chonbuljon, which imply 'All living things are originally the pure life of Buddha'.
This place is famous for one thousand Buddhist statues. One thousand Buddhist statues with smile were made of gemstones of Kyongju 250 years ago. On the way carrying them from Kyongju, the ship met the storm so it arrived in Japan. However, Japanese who held Buddhist statues had a dream one day. In the dream, Buddhas appeared and said to them, "We are going to DaeHeung-sa in Haenam (Southern coast of Korea)." Japanese brought back them to DaeHeung-sa. You can find the character "?", which means "Japan", on the bottom of the statues. rest is a tranquil walk where your mind can be composed and cleansed of all worries.


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