Hermitage Iljiam, Bukmiram, Jinbulam

If you walk up the steep mountain trail passing Daekyangmyungjon, you can arrive in Iljiam. Iljiam was the place where a Zen Monk Choui developed the Tea Culture. The Zen Monk, who was well acquainted with Zen and the Sutras, adopted the tea ceremony into a way of the ascetic practices and started the philosophy, "Dasunilmi(Tea and Zen have the same flavor.)". He also wrote the book, Dongdasong, which contained everything about tea for the first time and left a lot of poems behind him.
In DaeHeung-sa (Taehungsa), there are Treasure of Koryo Dynasty No.301, three-story stone pagoda and Treasure No.48, a seated Buddha craved on a rock.
In addition to that, there are a lot of cultural assets in the several parts of Temple Compound. These are Treasure No.88, Dongjong of Tapsan-sa, which is one of the most valuable bells in Koryo Dynasty, Treasure No. 320, three-story stone pagoda in front of Eungjinjon, Daekyangmyungjon, and a horizontal tablet of Chusa, Kim Junghee.
Now, we are ready to go on a combined pilgrimage and mountain climbing, which follows the mountain path with the sound of bamboos and the aroma of tea.

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