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But seriously: on Duryun Mountain is DaeHeung-sa, a major Zen Center of Zen and Buddhistic Philosophy and head temple of the 22nd parish district of the Chogye Order. The air is always fragrant with the aroma of teas.

DaeHeung-sa, which has recently got it's name back, has stood since Saint Chungkwan founded the hermitage Manil-am. After the invasion of Korea by the Japanese in 1592 Saint Seosan stated that DaeHeung-sa was never to suffer from by Samjae the three disasters, ofwind, flood and fire and should never be destroyed, so it would remain as the centre of Buddhist spirit and ideals. He asked that his own Ceremonial robes and monk's bowls and his relics should be kept there and DaeHeung-sa has prospered ever since. Although the Chosun government attempted to suppress Buddhism DaeHeung-sa has managed to produce thirteen Zen Monks as well as thirteen High monks of education and has become the leading Zen Buddhist centre and it was the place where Zen Master Choui, who re-introduced the Korean Tea Culture, met the great thinkers of the time who exchanged their views on the ideas of the doctrines of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Realism, and discussed their poetry,, paintings and tea flavours. The path to the temple through the forest is a tranquil walk where your mind can be composed and cleansed of all worries.


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